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So, the rover is now running nicely once more. It was not always so. No, look back into the mists, about 2 weeks ago, and it was a much less happy truck.

Damage since last post:

New exhaust manifold
New exhaust gaskets
New oil pressure sensor
120k mile service

That's really about it. On a more pleasant note, a friend gave us a set of yak towers, another friend gave us a yak basket, and the bars should be arriving at REI soon. Even more cargo room is a happy thing.

So, we started this week off well with a new stereo. The radio works now, which is endlessly exciting.

Then the alternator blew.
Then the catalytic converter broke into little pieces, and the exhaust manifold gasket blew.
Then they tried to replace the exhaust gasket, and found that one of the studs holding the exhaust pipe to the manifold is seized. That's gonna be expensive.

So, damage for the week:

New alternator
New catalytic converter
New muffler and tailpipe

On the plus side, I found a new coolant overflow reservoir cheap on eBay, and I'm going to put that in on Friday when I do the full service.

On the negative side, I ran over my phone and my iPod while I was testing the new alternator. Not so good. In fact, pretty close to epic fail.

New phone should arrive this afternoon, and I ordered a new hard drive for the iPod (everything else seems ok.)

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Rover arrival

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So, the Rover arrived last month. Unfortunately, school and work, as well as my own innate laziness, have prevented me from sharing the joyful news. I guess I just needed to be in full paper-avoidance mode to get around to updating this. Anyway, the work has begun!

List of repairs done so far:

New tires (old ones didn't match the truck, or each other.)
New tie rod ends and rear tie rod tube
New washer jets, non-return valves, and hoses for windshield washer
Removed and cleaned windshield washer fluid reservoir (ick)
New battery
New starter
New oil cooler lines
Lots of new bulbs
Fixed rear wiper (which I promptly broke again(loose connection somewhere(parenthetical!)))
New ECM fixed cruise control and remote keyless
Rerouted hose for coolant reservoir (was intruding into battery tray)
Added battery hold down which was missing (!!!)
Adjusted steering stops to accomodate larger tires (almost finished with this)

Next on the list:
New struts for tailgate
Replace leaking coolant reservoir
Full fluid flush (steering, diffs, oil, coolant, etc)

New Rovertym springs
Rovertym 2" body lift

Good times.

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