Week in review - Damn, I'm broke

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So, we started this week off well with a new stereo. The radio works now, which is endlessly exciting.

Then the alternator blew.
Then the catalytic converter broke into little pieces, and the exhaust manifold gasket blew.
Then they tried to replace the exhaust gasket, and found that one of the studs holding the exhaust pipe to the manifold is seized. That's gonna be expensive.

So, damage for the week:

New alternator
New catalytic converter
New muffler and tailpipe

On the plus side, I found a new coolant overflow reservoir cheap on eBay, and I'm going to put that in on Friday when I do the full service.

On the negative side, I ran over my phone and my iPod while I was testing the new alternator. Not so good. In fact, pretty close to epic fail.

New phone should arrive this afternoon, and I ordered a new hard drive for the iPod (everything else seems ok.)

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

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